On an ordinary Debian System

If you want to use the repo with your standard Debian (yes we provide arm, x86 and mips binaries too) you can add pyneo’s pubkey with the command:

curl /downloads/debian/pyneo-repository-pubkey.gpg | apt-key add -

And add the url to your sources-list with:

echo "deb /debian/ /" > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/pyneo.list

and use the usual steps to install packages. The package you want is “pyneod” for the daemon suite, “pybankd” for the additional banking plugin

On a Neo

Instructions for use of Pyneo on the Neo are given.

On a Nano

The Nano-Note (see qi-hardware, sharism) is a target too now. See instructions here.

On a WeTab

Pyneo/Zad is running successful on the WeTab. See the wetab-blogg for what’s going on with the WeTab. Instructions on how to install coming soon.

On a N900

Linux os for mobile phone is running successfully on a Nokia N900. Instructions on how to install coming soon.