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pyneo goes Debian

Use Qi

Install Qi as described in the om-wiki. We provide binaries for the GTA01 and GTA02.

Prepare the SD

Do the following steps:

  • Download the rootfs (GTA01 and GTA02 share the same).
  • Create 2 partitions on your sd, both with ext3 fs. The first should be at least 1GB (for debian rootfs), the second gets the remaining space (it's meant for your private data). If you want to exchange data with other systems you may consider to create a third partion with vfat fs.
  • Mount the first partion (with your host PC) somewhere.
  • Extract the rootfs archive to that mount point.
  • Unmount the sd cleanly to sync the fs cache, put the SD into the neo and ...


First-time boot will take a bit longer but you will be informed whats going on. For networking see network and networked neos to adjust your host setup.