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legal notice

This page is hosted in germany so german law applies. That means i have to tell you the obvious: i am not responsible for information which is linked from this site. Also i take no responsibility for any hints or descriptions on this web page. know what you're doing before you try and test this software as well. You get what you pay for, so you have no legal right to demand certain features to work.

All texts and all artwork made for pyneo and on this page are licensed under creative commons.

pyneo is not comercial driven. No decision in pyneo architecture or design is influenced by profit or marketing requirements.


other people and organizations helped me a lot to reach the current state. here is a list (in order of appearance):

  • sean who started the Neo1973 and Freerunner project.
  • open moko the team that does the foundation i use like u-boot and kernel
  • open embedded who created the build system with bitbake
  • josch who brought open street map onto the neo with pylgrim, one of the important parts of zad today. now he is working on timetabled, audiod, evas textblock bindings for python, a debian rootfs, packeting of debian packages (efl, xorg-glamo)...
  • mickey who started the famous fso project with most of pyneos concepts and some code as a base for his software
  • abraxa who was my wonderful student at GSoC at 2008 and built a PIM daemon
  • fgau who built the first 3rd party application based on pyneo named epydial
  • thomasg who checked all the e* oddities and kept on cheering me up
  • marcel who always has an answer if bb does not build what i need

project lead

pyneo is a project founded and maintained by M. Dietrich reachable via mdt at pyneo dot org.