Get the Binaries

Andy has excelent images for Qi, Linux os for mobile phone kernel and modules here. Josch made some archives for rootfs (server is currently down). Pyneo collects everything you may need here.

Prepare the Nand

Flash Qi to the u-boot partition as described in the wiki.

Prepare the SD

Do the folowing steps:

  • Create 2 partitions on your sd, both with ext3 fs. The first should be about 1GB (for debian installation), the second gets the remaining space (its ment for your private data). If you want to exchange data with other systems you may consider to create a thrird partion with vfat fs.
  • Mount the first partion somewhere and extract the rootfs archive to that mount point.
  • Extract the modules archive and move the kernel to the boot directory on that fs. Symlink the kernel to meet the proper name for Qi.
  • Unmount the sd cleanly to sync the fs cache, put the SD into the neo and …