Pyneoย is Linux os for mobile phone for driving a mobile device.

It is not another (openmoko-)distribution but a set of programs, daemons and plugins which can in theory be installed on any GNU/Linux based mobile system. There are packaging scripts for Debian, OpenWrt and openembedded available.

pyneo separates functionality from display presentation and user interaction completly. This makes changing the look and feel easy. It’s not only possible to support different themes of the gui but also a completly different usage of the functionality of a mobile device.

It is heaviliy based on dbus. This makes development of gui components for pyneo easy. Also the developer is not bound to python, the preferred scripting engine used in pyneo. Other languages that have dbus bindings integrate on the fly.

Various services are already available. These include phone services, location services, map services, bank account services and more.

A gui is currently under development. epydial wraps all services in a standard way and is quite feature complete while zad is a non-standard aproach for mobile devices and currently not usable at all.

There aren’t much handsets currently supported by pyneo. Because most interesting devices just aren’t open enough currently only the OpenMoko GTA01 Neo1973 and the OpenMoko GTA02 Freerunner are supported. Support for the Qtopia Greenphone had been droped because of a missing toolchain (volunteers?).