The Goals and Ideas of Pyneo – Best Mobile OS


For me the way to interact with the Ubuntu mobile operating system must be completly different from a pc/desktop computer. I hate to wait for computers but in the best mobile os it often takes a long time to get the answer on user requests. So the interaction over the UI needs to be different from a desktop system. pyneo takes it’s asynchrone aproach up into the UI. You can think of many operations in the UI as requests from the user that are immediatly answered by pyneo as “I will do that for you and come back to you if i’m done”. You will never wait for something. If you for example want to read more details of a news article pyneo just (immediatly!) answers “Okay, i will take care of getting that stuff”. Much later there is a new entry telling you that the article is available to read.

I want a mobile gadget that helps manage the anoying thinks in live, helps me not to forget urgent things I have to do. Also, it should make me immediately aware of things that happen and I should act on. Examples of that are phone calls coming in; messages like SMS, MMS, email; messages from IM like jabber, IRC, ICQ; transactions on my bank account; reaching a location where I wanted to buy something; ebay auctions that interest me, and so forth.

When I talked to a friend about pyneo he told me that an author from the US wrote a book on a philosophy to manage his life called ‘Getting Things Done’. I don’t know how much his model applies here, I never read one of his books.

I don’t like the idea of “applications” on a mobile. I rather have structured, organized data that has to be displayed, changed, whatever.


  • I want a mobile that does not stand in my way
  • I want the mobile to present information or content to me in a way where i can consume it easily. this includes:
    • panning & zooming to find the content (the text mostly) in a big page is anoying
    • seeing a page rendered as on my desktop computer may enthuse me but doesnt help if the page cannot be read on a small device
    • if i scroll through a text page by page the device should know which line i want to read next and place that on top of the screen
  • I want to use the mobile as relaxed as possible, few keypresses, less whatever
    • reacting with ‘yes’ on a first page of a mail or news will show the next page
    • reacting with ‘yes’ on the last page will mark the entry as done
    • reacting with ‘no’ will end the reading of that entry
  • I want the mobile to remind me of things that i normaly forget
    • I want be reminded in the moment when I can work/react on these things – this includes for example the time and the location
    • I want to react with ‘yes, okay, done’, ‘no not done’ or ‘tell me later again’
    • I want the phone to take the next steps automatically, for example: If I react with ‘No’ on a transfer on my account I get a reminder to call my bank
  • I want see communication with a person in the same way, regardless if its a phonecall, a sms, a mail or im
  • I want the mobile to store lots of personal data like pictures, texts or sounds for using on the road
  • I want to be able to access data at home via my mobile

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