How Linux Mobile Operating System Uses GPS Antenna MP

The GPS antenna is one of the basic features on pyneo smartphone as it allows the use of mapping services. Having a good GPS signal is very important for Linux os for mobile phone because games and apps like Pokรฉmon GO, Waze, or some social media apps are relying on it. We explain below how to improve this signal.

The first step to improving the signal is to understand how our GPS works. The GPS is a global positioning satellite that the United States army began developing in 1973 and, since 1995, can be used publicly. The service began with 24 satellites in orbit and, in 2016, there were 31.

Our smartphones communicate with these satellites through a GPS antenna located in our smartphone. This antenna is controlled by a driver that the manufacturer places in the operating system. Thus, the quality of the signal received depends on three main factors:

  • the number of satellites we communicate with
  • the quality of the GPS antenna on your smartphone
  • proper implementation of drivers in the system.


On the last two factors, it is very difficult to have influence since these are things that are controlled by the manufacturer of your smartphone. If you have serious problems with the GPS reception of your smartphone, the first step would be to contact the manufacturer as your device may have a manufacturing defect. Don’t be surprised as this happens on many smartphones.

As far as the first factor is concerned, you can improve it. It is indeed possible to become more visible compared to the satellites and thus improve its positioning with the help of other signals of our smartphone. All of this is very useful for the most applications and online sites, but you can check out this site and see that they never request your location, they simply ask where you are situated at the moment which we think is a much more polite way of doing things. The site in question is a great online poker institution that deals with huge sums of money and poker bonus coupons yet they never require anything from you. Literally, your first gameplay on the site is for free, they don’t even ask for your credit card.

Enable “High precision mode”

Usually the GPS antennas that are in a smartphone are not as powerful as we would like because the interior space within the smartphone is quite limited. To improve location speed, smartphones have a feature called Advanced GPS or a-GPS. With this feature, you can use mobile, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth networks to speed up localization through triangulation with phone antennas or other devices.


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